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The Junior Academy at  McKay Creek 

Our mission is to create an environment where our golfers can learn to love this life long game.   Session sizes are limited to 6 golfers. 

Current Schedule


Thursdays at 4:30


Tuesdays at 4:15*

Focused Practice  

Tuesdays at 4:30*

*Check Calender Below for Dates

Focused Practice Sessions

Focused practice sessions help our golfer grow quicker. With smaller group sizes (limit 4 golfers per session) this allows us to take a deeper dive into each players game to identify areas where improvement is needed and then create measurable plans so we can have measurable improvement. Great for golfers who are looking to become more competitive. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Junior Basic

    Every month
    Four one hour sessions a month
  • Junior Basic Plus

    Every month
    Once a week hour session + two 9 hole rounds a month (parent participation required on playdays)
  • Junior Silver

    Every month
    Includes basic plus + two additional one hour focused practice sessions and a private CoachNow page
  • Junior Gold

    Every month
    Includes Silver + one private lesson and $5 off any additional lessons
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